Dragon Rescued. Virgins Slain.

(My most treasured electrons)

A Green Man
15 March 1969
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I am a teacher of science via engineering. Although I have most of my knowledge in Genetics (at least according to the paperwork) I teach Engineering (I am the Robotics team coach). I have a Bachelors in Theater and a Masters in Education eventually I will have a PhD in something. This may necessitate another Bachelors. Given the financial resources I'd probably go to school forever. When not being that kind of geek I let my alternate geeks out. There seem to be plenty to go around.

For reference you will see the following monikers contained within this journal:

Coatl = Princess Sticky = youngest daughter
Dragon = Princess !Kaboom = middle daughter
princessboredom = Eldest Daughter

The Dragon may also refer to me. This reference is due to the similarities between Dragons and myself. Vain, Lazy, Greedy (likes to keep all their valuables -my clan- close at hand), easily bored with stupidity, a certain ever so slightly belligerent confidence that leads to being lovingly called an asshole.