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The dingo has led a charmed life, abandoned somewhere in KCMO when she was a very wee lass. Rescued by an Ironclad Marshmallow and given to my oldest when she was needing a new puppy. We had just lost our other dogs a few months before. Marley, the dingo, was under 10 weeks old when she was found. She was malnourished, covered in fly strike and somehow managed to get some asphalt on her. She survived this and became a well loved member of the family. Then about a year into her time with us she was hit by a car. This dog loved to run and from her early days thought life was sometimes better off on her own. The surgery and what not wiped out our entire vacation fund (the vacation we were slated to leave for in 2 days) and then some. The in-laws covered the difference and footed the vacation (we were going to visit them). So we left ill fated dingo with newly embedded plates and screws with Zilch. She escaped many more times since and when the divorce happened went to the happy dog camp at Der Fractalhaus. I retrieved her last year and she began to show signs of arthritis. Recently a large swelling of on ankle lead her to escape the stairs of my place and head for Gardner. Last Sat she saw the vet and was declared to have much more arthritis and the swelling was bone cancer. The solution would have been amputation with not the greatest chances due to her age and arthritis for a decent recovery. So this Friday my oldest has decided that Marley will receive a special home visit from a vet and will be put to sleep. The oldest has had it rough as her bunny died not to long ago and last night the bunny's sibling also died. This has been a rough week on little girls and animals. Circle of life keeps on rolling.


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Mar. 31st, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
I have seen her a couple of times, and hopefully once more Friday.