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Hashing out things isn't always pleasant. I do like arguing for the sake of improving my thinking on a particular issue, but of course there is the painful possibility...nay likelihood of appearing the moron. I hope that the moron description is only in my head, but even then it is unlikely to be any harsher coming from another source. Some days it seems if no growth or change is possible without pain and suffering. And I'd like to believe that all pain and suffering holds the potential for growth. And long past experiences that I'd like to think I have gotten over/learned all I could from still seem to hold marrow in those bones I gnaw. And hashing things out in a semi public form is much like holding bones in the fire, eventually they will crack and that marrow is easier to get at. The trade off is that you have to hold them by hand and that means you end up in the fire too.

Ideally I hope that whenever I right something about my own struggles with...well anything, that someone else will get a bit of free wisdom. Avoid a painful scar or seven. I also hope that I can learn from others as well. Intelligence is learning from your own mistakes, Wisdom is learning from others. I have pretty actively avoiding being wise, "Gotta make my own damn mistakes!" I figure I am pretty good at offering advice to those about to make the same mistake I have or am going to make again. I hoped to at least claim the mantle of intelligence but even that is perhaps asking too much. I figure I can continue to fake both intelligence and wisdom and perhaps even fool a few people along the way. That may be enough. And perhaps I'll even manage a little real wisdom here and there. As a side note I don't figure claiming to neither be intelligent or wise is some actual sign of intelligence or wisdom. That's just making the whole damn thing far more complicated than is useful.